Fundraising - Northwoods Printers


Our fundraising effort revolves around an ink cartridge recycling program to benefit both the organisation and the environment of the community. We help you raise money without selling products that kill diets (high-fat and high-sugar edibles) and you make a difference for future generations.

School Fundraising Program

We developed a cartridge recycling program for northern Michigan schools to raise money for needed educational materials, playground equipment, and sports programs. Each ink cartridge returned earns the school a full dollar in funds and gets tallied for prizes.Prizes? Yes, we have built incentives into the school program. What kind of prizes? A pizza party for the classroom that turns in the most cartridges and a game console (Xbox One or PS4) for the student that turns in the most.

We’ve also sweetened the deal for parents with coupons for in-store and online purchases. If a family wants to help a student from across the country, we can link their online purchases to the school during the promotion, and donate 10% of such retail purchases.

Finally, what’s better than charitable giving? More charitable giving. Bringing four or more cartridges into the store at a time means a “Back-to-school” kit gets donated to an area child in need.

Other Ways to Give Back

Northwoods Office Express is committed to the communities we serve – especially the nonprofits and organisations doing the “heavy-lifting” in making a difference locally. We love groups built around a cause and those that rely on the generosity of others. We also care about making a difference in our school systems.

Another one of the ways we support these groups is doing what we do best – printing services. We can work out a donation of products, or provide printing services at cost. We can help not only your message but your fundraising event. When we can do this, we usually just ask for a warm fuzzy mention at your event.

If your school or organisation is interested in exploring this fun and exciting fundraising opportunity, please call Rebecca Yodzio at the store today at 231-929-3549