Repair Services

In the information age, there are millions of guides on how to repair things. How do you know which ones really are your specific model? Is the internet expert your watching doing things that could further destroy the device, or worse, injure you? Did you order the right part, and is it a genuine part? Avoid the many hassles, and save time and money – trust the experienced and highly-trained technicians at Northwoods Office Express for all your repair services.

iPhone Repairs

You waited in line and got the newest flagship iPhone – it’s like an extension of you, so it hurts when a drop or an impact sends you back into the stone age. If you’re using it for business the loss of your phone can be even more expensive.  You need it fixed right – and quickly. Bring it to Northwoods Office Express for the best iPhone repair service you can get. 

iPad, and PC Repairs

From an iPad screen repair to laptop repairs and virus removals. Cracked screens are just the beginning. There are lots of common problems you might experience: broken buttons, built-in cameras, charging ports, speakers, and power jacks. Even static from your clothing can cause damage. These are sensitive devices that require an expert’s touch. Keeping these devices running keeps plastic out of the landfills, and money in your pocket, you can trust our iPad and Pc repair services to do just that!

Printer Repairs

It doesn’t get any more convenient. Northwoods Office Express can get you setup with a new printer. We offer free local delivery to replenish your ink or toner and can perform maintenance and repairs too. Don’t worry if you didn’t buy yours from us, we provide the same expert-level repairs or maintenance for you too.

Northwoods Printers printer repair  Northwoods Printers printer repair

Typewriter Repairs

And from days gone by we even work on typewriters. Although most of the time the typewriters we work on are the electric type, this one from the 1940’s is an example of a typewriter we have repaired and returned to a grateful customer. So if you have a typewriter you love that doesn’t work bring it in we can bring the nostalgia back! 

typewriter repair

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